who is loveleemonicaa?

a writer. a reader. a traveler.

She has an eye for design and an efficient work ethic. She doesn’t just pay attention to details, she exceeds expectations. She has been described as calm and collective and wise beyond her years. She is a natural leader and a productive go-getter.

She is an old soul with the heart of a child trying to remind everyone how lovely they are. She probably has her nose stuck in a book or is laughing at her own joke. She has a dog is named Jude and works in publishing.

what does loveleemonicaa mean?

I’ll be the first to admit—I still have my favorite AIM screen name and I am not ashamed. loveleemonicaa was born when I first started discovering who I was and I’ve kept it as I continue to evolve the meaning of it over time. I aspire to be the best lovely version of Monica I can be so I created a place filled with words to warm your heart and make you laugh. A site to help others help themselves feel loved and welcomed so that everyone can find a lovely life worth living.

what does monica do?

I’m a writer, a marketer, and a literary agent.

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