my manuscript wish list (mswl)

I gravitate towards stories about identity, family relationships, and travel. I’m looking to uplift underrepresented voices in publishing. In children’s literature, I am actively looking for PB, MG, YA & Graphic Novels. I am also open to adult and non-fiction submissions.

I’ll try and update this page when something changes or I’m focusing on something specific. For now, here are some things I love and would like to find.

Across all genres & age groups, I’m looking for:

  • Stories about identity, specifically first-gen stories or immigrant experiences.
  • Stories about self-love with coming-of-age themes. (I believe we are always coming of age, regardless of age!)
  • Stories about family relationships, messy/dysfunctional families or found families.
  • Stories about sibling relationships or cousin relationships, specifically navigating adult sibling relationships or cousin relationships with cultural differences. (i.e. first-gen themes)
  • Stories about travel, where the book is set outside the U.S. or even traveling to the U.S. (Non-travel related books set outside the U.S. count!)
  • Stories with messy characters who are trying their best.
  • Stories with characters who are curious about therapy or where mental health is advocated for.
  • Stories about badass women doing badass things.
  • Stories about cultures that are rarely explored.

I run the official book club for Find A Lovely Life @findalovelybook. You can get a sense of the type of books I like to leisurely read there. I’m also a contributing writer at Latina Media Co. where I cover TV Shows and Movies. You can get a sense of my taste in film and TV there. I tweet things I would love to see so make sure you’re following me.

Specifics but not limits:

Here are a few things I would love for each category I represent. That doesn’t mean the door is closed for your project!

In Non-Fiction, I would love…

  • In-depth topics that challenge society’s status quo like in Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape by Peggy Orenstein
  • A first-gen perspective like In the Country We Love: My Family Divided by Diane Gurerrero
  • Travel memoirs like Jasmine and Fire: A Bittersweet Year in Beirut by Salma Abdelnour

In Adult, I would love…

  • Literary stories that question the American dream like Imbolo Mbue’s Behold The Dreamers
  • Messy, contemporary self-love journeys like Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
  • Stories with espionage and diverse female characters like American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson
  • A romance that explores eloping or a fun Vegas book like Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
  • A dystopian-contemporary world that explores climate change and class structure like All City by Alex DiFrancesco

In Young Adult, I would love…

  • Time travel adventure books like The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig
  • Historical books with satire like The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  • Travel stories that have identity themes like As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper
  • A creepy, haunting story with siblings like in Here There Are Monsters by Amelinda Bérubé

In Graphic Novels, I would love…

  • Being emotionally blindsided by unexpected characters like in Sheets by Brenna Thummler
  • Something fast-paced with a mystery element like I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest
  • A coming-of-age story that blends cultural folklore like The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen

In Middle Grade, I would love…

  • A novel in verse like Jasmine Warga’s Other Words For Home
  • A story with a sense of adventure like The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez by Adrianna Cuevas
  • Unique voice with a museum element like in Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi

In Picture Books, I would love…

  • Lyrical books that promote reading like The Storybook Knight by Helen Docherty
  • Interactive books with humor like Max Greenfield’s I Don’t Want To Read This Book
  • Books that show community and bring memories to life like in My Papí Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero
  • Books that promote self-discovery like Jean Reidy’s What Would You Do in a Book About You?

I got into agenting with a mission to help uplift underrepresented voices in publishing, specifically within the Latinx community. If you identify as (but not limited to) a person of color (BIPOC), Latinx/e/a/o, Asian, Middle Eastern, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, or have a disability, please send your query my way!

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