Agent Monica

Why is the Kim Possible sound ringing in my ear?

It all started with #PitMad. As a querying writer, I was in the trenches for my second Twitter pitch contest. As I was monitoring my own tweet, I found myself looking at other pitches and seeing ways to make the book come to life (my marketing brain is always on). I also noticed there weren’t enough Latinx agents out there and thought if I was going to eventually have a seat at the table, I wanted to open doors for others to have a seat too.

A few months later, I saw a tweet for a literary agency internship at Context Literary and my sister convinced me to apply. That application opened up so many doors for me. I started at Context as the Director of Brand Management, where I pitch authors for publicity and partnership opportunities, plus help find creative ways to continue marketing their books after launch. And on 2/22/22 (yeah, that was on purpose) I opened up for queries as a Junior Agent! I am also officially a member of the AALA.

I’m so excited to read your work and (hopefully) work together to bring your story to life. Check out my MSWL to get a sense of what I’m looking for. If you’re ready to query me, go here!

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