I’ve been writing since I could hold a marker. I write stories, reviews, essays, captions and tweets. I write about self-love, life advice, travel, books and reading, tv shows and movies. I like writing coming-of-age stories and books about family or identity.


As a contributing writer at LatinaMediaCo, I cover the shows and movies that impact my Latina identity, compile lists of TV shows or movies that feature Latinas, and review some of my favorite TV shows and movies that impact the Latinx community.


Here are some of my articles on Medium. You’ll find essays, tv show and movie reviews here.


Find A Lovely Life is a lifestyle blog focused on books, travel, and self-love. A place to warm your heart and make you laugh. Find a lovely book, travel inspiration or some solidarity in that self-love journey. Above all, a lovely life worth living.


When I’m not writing for my blog Find A Lovely Life or writing a review for a tv show I just have to talk about, I’m writing and plotting my novels.

  • I’m currently revising my debut novel: a Latinx YA Contemporary Rom-com
  • On pause: a Latinx YA Contemporary exploring first-gen identity in a college setting.


I tend to write poetry on napkins, post-its and in an extremely unorganized folder in the notes app on my phone. Here are some that I’ve shared with the world.

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